Symmetry Magazine features Rodney Hill on Outdoor Renovation Design

25 03 2013

Thoughtful design can save you a world of headaches on major landscaping and outdoor living projects. After long periods of draught, even light rains create surface flooding that can potentially damage your property and create a breeding ground for unwanted pests like mosquitos. Symmetry Remodeling Magazine recently sat down with Rodney Hill to discuss the importance of drainage on outdoor renovations…

Outdoor Living

According to Rodney, who has over 30+ years experience of home remodeling in San Antonio, most drainage problems can be avoided by paying attention to common sense issues like elevation, slope and understanding where the water is coming from and where it needs to go.

When discussing design options for your outdoor space, a good home remodeling company will help you find ways to solve drainage issues. Some of the best solutions can also enhance the design of your space, including:

  • Berms
  • Arroyos
  • Terracing
  • Retaining walls
  • Rain collection barrels at gutter down spouts

You may even consider a “Rain Garden”, a slightly lower section of yard planted with water-loving plants, to help with potential flooding and drainage issues.

Read the full article in here >>Symmetry Article Spring 2013



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